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I just heard about the 100 Happy Days challenge!

At first it sounded a little overwhelming to post a picture a day of what makes me happy or brings joy in my life for 100 whole days, but the more I thought about it, well...I decided to do it. After all, it's all apart of living in color, right? It's living life with eyes wide open and suddenly seeing the ordinary as extraordinary. Almost every day I choose one thing to ask the Lord to do in my life or in the life of someone I care about, and then I eagerly anticipate how HE will answer. HE always answers, but part of living this life as a believer, is that He doesn't always answer in the way we would like or always think, but yet...God calls me to thankfulness and a heart of worship. This, in a round about way, is my reasoning for doing the Happy Days project. Embracing joy every day is a decision and a conscious effort on my part because we all know, every day doesn't holds sunny skies and perfect health, but...I desperately want to cling and hold fast to the One who orchestrates and ultimately allows the happenings in my life. HE commands my destiny, so I'm going to document 100 days of that journey...

Day one: Quilting the Giant Star Quilt

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