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Day 30: Dandies...

I've always loved dandelions...they are so whimsy and catch the evening sun in such a happy way.

The other day, Lex and I were driving together when we caught the end of a message by Pastor Alistair Begg. He shared a poem that we just loved, and today, as I was sitting in our weed garden thinking my own thoughts, I spied upon this lone dandi and thought about what he said.

Oh to be a dandelion...

A poem quoted by Alistair Begg:

If a Christian would take the form of a flower, what would it be?
Some would say a rose, some might say a tulip, and yet others would say a daffodil. I on the other hand, say that a Christian is called to be a dandelion, because a dandelion has all the attributes of a Christian witness.
  • A dandelion is the first sign of hope in the spring
  • A dandelion is the first expression of love, for it is the first "flower" usually given to a mother by a small child.
  • A dandelion makes itself known in the neighborhood quickly
  • A dandelion is not conscious of class and equally casts itself on the rich and the poor.
  • A dandelion provides beauty and color where nothing else will grow.
  • A dandelion can be cut, trampled, dug up, or pulled up and still bounces back with its witness as though nothing happened.
  • A dandelion is a victim of slander, for some people call it a weed, but it pushes on undaunted to conquer the world.
  • A dandelion is very neighborly.
Wouldn't it be great if we would all act and witness like dandelions?
Author: Unknown

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