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Day 7: Currier and Ives for $2.50.

My sisters have almost forbidden me from buying anymore dishes. Good thing I have my own trunk...or I think I would be forbidden! Besides, I never go out looking for them...they pop up at yard sales, thrift stores or gifted from friends that antique shop. I was given my first Currier and Ives cup and saucer when I was sixteen. Mrs. Marty Stoltzfus gave from her special collection when she heard I loved blue and white dishes. All her daughters had collections of it, so she started one for me. Her daughter Elisabeth and I were close friends and enjoyed staying up late in their cozy living room talking and eating yummy desserts and ice cream from them...

I wish I could send this picture to her, to show her how special her gift was to me and how my collection has grown, but she is, at this very moment, with Jesus...in heaven.

Because of her gift, I have many happy days...

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