Thursday, August 14, 2014 / 2 comments
Day 45: Sisters.

A big happy birthday to my sisters today!

 This world would truly lack sparkle if they weren't here. :) They are the same, but different in so many ways.The one things that stands out about them, that is the same...is that they love the Lord. Their hearts are big and they are so ready to give of themselves for others because of Jesus. Everything about them is wholehearted, never halfhearted.

They make many happy days...

Happy 25th birthday!

Can you tell which is which? Cilicia and Alexis, or Alexis and Cilicia?

Baby twin pics HERE...


  1. Alexis and Cilicia, of course! :) But please don't ask me to guess the baby picture. That's impossible! Btw, LOVE the outfits!!


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