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Day 44: Alive.

I was so crushed when we had a storm blow through a few weeks ago, and knock one of my hanging plant right off it's hook. I was babying this thing from a little sprig, and then to have it all broken and smashed. :/

I'm not sure why I took a picture of the mess, but strangely I did. Maybe...just maybe, it was because I could totally be surprised and blessed by this...

A thriving, growing, and fully alive plant! I had halfheartedly tipped the basket back over and replanted every broken stem, but thought everything too windblown and smashed to grow again. After hanging the plant on the back of our bench to be hidden from guests, I was so shocked to be watering my other plants and see stems actually poking out of the bench! I know it's just a plant...but it blessed me!

It was definitely a gift from the Lord, just for me.

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