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Day 57: Snail mail.

Alexis came across a quote about listening to the Holy Spirits promptings...you know...those little promptings that the Lord gives us through out the day? As soon as I read it, something came to mind.With texting and email, it's really easy to zip off a line or two, letting someone know you're thinking about them, but how often do I even do that? I know I don't do it often enough, or to everyone the Lord lays on my heart. So I easily got my sisters on my band waggon and we sat down last night and had a wonderful time writing notes to friends, simply letting them know we were praying for them, we loved them and were thinking of them.

I still think texting is fun, and email great, but a snail mail letter once in awhile is definitely a must.

Do you have someone that you need to text or write to?

Don't forget...writing someone bring blessings both ways...

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  1. I recognize one of those! :) Thank you girls so much for the encouragements and sweet thoughtfulness! It definitely brightened our day and week and month and. . . :) :) God bless you for following His promptings!


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