Thursday, August 7, 2014 / 1 comment
A man in town gave us all the pears on his two trees.
To me, these kind of pears are the best.
They're not the pretty kind, but they're always crispy and perfect for baking. Since the boys picked the tree, we knew that 262 pears were sitting on our kitchen floor waiting for.......something. Good thing you can't see our kitchen, because it's been a royal mess all day...but for a good cause. Good things are now sitting on our counter all baked to perfection, and woohoo for the happy 'pop' of sealing apple butter! I think I did a little happy dance on the kitchen floor...

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  1. Oh joy! It brings back fond memories of when we did apples together! I can taste the fresh cider now, and smell the cinnamon that overtook the kitchen! :) it makes me want thanksgiving and Christmas to come sooner! If I come down soon, will you promise me that we'll make the kitchen a "royal mess" together?!! (((Hugs))) dear friend!


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