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Day 85: Fall.

My Favorite season...

The first day of Fall...

My sisters and I have been anticipating this day for weeks! Are we the only ones that do this? :/ We love the thought that cooler weather is around the corner and that bonfires will actually be an option for a gathering.

Three of our dear friends stood on our doorstep with picnic baskets in hand, inviting us to share the first day of Fall with them! They brought warm homemade apple pie and the most delish pumpkin cheese cake! We set everything up, laughing at the sheer spontaneity of it all and enjoying every new goodie that came from their baskets. We soon had coffee perking and then proceeded to eat the whole pie.

I will never forget the first day of Fall as long as I live. The fellowship was sweet and the love that was shared left us feeling so richly blessed.

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  1. I get warm and fuzzy and full of happy jitters just thinking about this day! It was the absolutest perfectest way to issue in the Fall season! Thankful today for friends that hug tightly, laugh freely, pray sincerely and love without limits. Oh, and I am of the opinion that they could bake Martha Stewart right out of her kitchen;)

    Happy Fall Y'all!


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