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Wednesday, October 22, 2014 / Leave a Comment

Because of our dear friends and the gift of their beach home, our family was able to go away for the whole week...! It was amazing that Ben was able to request vacation time, and get it, and that Paul was also able to come....it sure wouldn't have been the same without them.

The time away was so restful and full of beautiful weather and soaking in the salty air. All us olders enjoyed biking around the island one day, eating lunch at a little local place called the "Sugar Shack" and simply celebrated togetherness as brothers and sisters.

We had a perfect canopy that Dad and the boys put up right near the water, so we all enjoyed packing our lunch every morning and bringing it down with us so we could stay a.l.l. day.  :) There was no running here and there to be entertained or functions to fill up time, it was just digging your toes in the sand, building sand castles with the boys, watching for dolphins...and of course feeding the birds! Titus and I do this every year, and the family always groan because then the birds never leave us alone. Isn't that half the fun though?

I don't know how it is, but cooking in a different kitchen can be so much fun, and something even more odd, is that you can cook with half the pots and pans as you would normally at home! The boys even felt adventurous and announced to the sisterhood, that they were fixing dinner one night. I think they should do this more often because we can get a break because they can really cook!

All of us were aware that this time away was a special gift from the Lord and I think each one of us soaked it up and tried to hold on to every moment...I know I'm still living off the memories made.

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