Tea in the attic...

Thursday, October 30, 2014 / Leave a Comment
In old adventure books and movies, the attic is a place where dusty old heirlooms are kept and the secret maps to long lost treasures lay buried in quaint unassuming locked trunks. The heroins or hero flash their candles or flashlights around, the exciting music plays, and of course a shaft of light breaks through...from somewhere...and points to the long lost whatever.

Sounds exciting, but not so very modern-dayish.....at least, not when it comes to our attic! My sisters and I tried to look at broken lamps, that mind you, were "perfectly good"...they just needed re-wiring, or long lost stuffed animals with their poor little stuffing half gone looking all helpless and limp in a plastic bag, cracked frames labeled "fix"??, old blankets, bags and luggage and think "adventure"...but it didn't really work.

We rather climbed back down and unanimously agreed we needed to brew some iced tea...a gallon of iced tea. This my friends, was not for the faint of heart!

We didn't find old maps or rolls of hidden money, but I will say we laughed a whole lot, played mean sister when one wanted to keep a ridiculously unnecessary item(s), took bags to the trash and of course, drank every last drop of tea.

Woe to the person that messes up our newly organized attic!

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