Joy Dare...

Saturday, November 1, 2014 / 2 comments

For this whole month, I am going to attempt to take pictures and follow the November Joy Dare.

My friend, Valerie who also loves to take pictures, has been such a bright cheerful light in the middle of great physical challenges, and I would like to dedicate this Joy Dare to her. We pray for her healing and that she would be able to walk again...

1/30 Joy Dare
3 Gifts Eaten.

  • Warm homemade cinnamon rolls. [Alexis could start a bakery...seriously.]
  • Hot yummy drinks at our church yard sale.
  • Fresh veggies from our local market.


  1. Oh, Anita. . . I have tears in my eyes. I am so humbled by your sweetness. (((Big Hugs!!!))) I look forward to spending the next 30 joyful days with you! :) (. . .in blogger world, that is -- tho I'd LOVE to spend it in person! :))

  2. I love you, sister...
    It was great seeing Ray and Joanna and staying up till' 2am talking! It made me miss you more.:) I still can't believe they surprised us!


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