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Monday, November 3, 2014 / Leave a Comment
Of Art and Giving #2

I'm not a knitter, but I love these hats! Every Winter I get into this hat phase, and I make all the littles, "willie winkie hats"...or so I call them. Because you use circular needles, I can handle just go round and round and voila! You have a hat! My mom and Olivia who are expert knitters laugh at my reckless knitting skills, but I have my laugh at them too...

On vacations, what does mom find in the little boys bags? Long stripped, pompom clad, ripped knitted caps...their favorites from the drawer of beautiful hats...! ;)

The Hudson Hat is $4.50 on Ravelry, but I found this pattern for free. Before the decreases, just keep going until you have a longish hat and you'll have something similar to the Hudson Hat. You can use all your little scrap yarns, or you can get something like, Lion Brand Amazing or Landscapes from Joanns. This yarn has beautiful colors and has that soft fuzzy feel. If you use a 50% off coupon, it's even better! ;)

This project will make any little person happy...

Lion Brand Amazing: Carnival
Lion Brand Amazing: Aurora
Lion Brand Landscapes

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