Of Art and Giving

Sunday, November 2, 2014 / Leave a Comment

I know, I know...Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet...but just let me share my thoughts...:)

Christmas is such a special time...
But everyone seems extra busy...

I know for my family, the next couple of months are extra busy. Being a part of a pastor's family, we have extra functions, music practice and family concerts to work towards. You are asked to sing at the most earliest date in December to "get folks in the Christmas spirit", when all the sudden you feel yourself, that this special celebration is passing you by and it's only November! :/ What happened to all those yummy recipes you've pinned for months and months and craft projects you wanted to make for gifts? Poof! They all seem doomed.

So. I decided I wanted to embrace the opportunities our family has, but to also rest and enjoy the messy moments and still create and make my sewing desk a place of giving and anticipation.

I know most of you have amazing ideas already, but I thought I'd post simple gift ideas or holiday recipes this whole month. Some posts will be from projects my sisters and I have done, and some will be links to projects I'd like to do.


Of Art and Giving #1

My sister, Treasure has followed this pattern many times, and the clutches come out beautiful every time! Don't be daunted by the zipper...it's really easy.


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