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To expect or hope with confidence; to trust.
To believe in, is to hold as the object of faith. 'Ye believe in God, believe also in me.' John 14:1To believe on, is to trust, to place full confidence in, to rest upon with faith.
My sisters and I planted Tulips, Gladiolas and other bulb flowers last Spring, and nothing ever came up. :/ Our glads from the year before did, but not the new ones. Our Summers are so long that we were sure something would come up...

And it did...

Just not when we expected.

With all the ugly winter weeds, we found a surprise. Almost a year later, little green nubs are sprouting!

It's so very beautiful. It's beautiful because of course it's a sign of spring flowers, but it's also a beautiful picture of real life.  

Thank you, Lord for this gift...this reminder that we plant, but You are the One that brings life. 
Help me to believe in You more...


  1. Such a beautiful sight as I sit here shivering with ice covering the ground outside. I'm looking forward to Spring... :) Thank you for the timely reminder that everything happens in God's timing... hugs

  2. Hugs right back at you, Friend. <3


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