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Friday, February 27, 2015 / 2 comments
This is a comment from my friend,Valerie...

"Snow here... but I was knitting... am knitting... will be knitting. :) No coffee, though. Contenting myself with eating yogurt from a mug. Haha! Think warm! ;)"

This picture is for you Friend! Believe me, you do not want me as a knitting companion. As you know, Mom and Olivia are expert knitters, and all looked at me weird when I recently asked to borrow some needles. It all started when I saw a hat with a stitched anchor on the side of it....I really wanted that hat. Since my knitting moods are so sporatic, it's always hard to get started. Like...when it says,"with circular needle, CO 88 sts. PM for BOR." Ummmmm........riiiight.....let's think about this a minute. So once I finally cast on the 88 stitches and place my marker in for the border, I sigh with content that this really isn't that hard. That is until late at night when by our cozy lamp, I sit contentedly knitting when I bring mom's fancy shmansy needles through for a next round, and pop! The wire shoots off the needle and all the 88+ stitches lay limp in my unbelieving hands. Realllly?? I think only these things happen to me. Of course I freaked out calmly asked Olivia to help me....

True story.

 but I seriously thought I'd just stop and make a half hatter..........what do you think?
 So stylish right?!

So, I would love to sit and knit with you, but I'll watch the do the knittin'...


  1. It's PERFECT!!! :D But I'm not sure how your mom would feel about giving up those fancy shmansy needles... you know it just would not look right without them. ;) Really, Anita, the hat is looking so nice! I definitely want to see the finished product. And I will welcome you as my knitting companion any day... as long as Olivia is close by to pick up your dropped stitches. :)

    1. Ok...I'll be over with yogurt for all the sisters just as soon as I get my snow boots on...and of course my lovely hat. :)


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