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Sunday, February 1, 2015 / Leave a Comment
I have been challenged to make time and life count.

Not just counting calendar days, but living the moments in the every-day. The hard, the easy, the fun, the silent.

What gave me renewed passion to think this way, was a blog post written by a husband who's wife is dying of cancer. I have been following Kara Tippetts and her life journey through cancer, and this encouraging post by her husband is just so very inspiring. Please read it. I think you'll be blessed.

Let's not weary in giving of our life moments. Life isn't just for's also for those around's to share God's love and be His channel of hope, love, grace, laughter, forgiveness, helper, supporter, friend. Let's be conscious to be energy givers, not takers.Our investment is never wasted...our caring is not unnoticed. Let's keep each other encouraged to keep on, keeping on. It's easy to feel completely spent and utterly all given out...I've had these feelings.......lately as a matter of fact. Maybe that's why this post blessed me so much.

What Is Your Legacy
By Jason Tippetts
Mundane Faithfulness 

beautiful sunset last night...

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