Abuela's Coffee...

Friday, July 31, 2015 / Leave a Comment
Abuela's coffee is....


Abuela's coffee.

I wouldn't say you could market it as "the best in the world", but if love could sell.....well then, this little cup of frothy milky goodness would make world wide fame.

Abuela loves to make these little cups of coffee, complete with frothing the milk for her grandchildren. When I was little like Ty Man, it really tasted gourmet, and I felt all grown up to be sipping my very own cup of coffee. Now, "all grown up" I honestly wonder how I'm going to drink one whole cup in front of her! It's awful!

But then, hot steamy cup in hand, looking at my Abuela's bustling self in her little kitchen always looking over her shoulder to make sure everyone's happy and content...the hot cup in hand is no longer just full of coffee.

It's full of love.
And that's the best coffee.......ever.

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