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Last Sunday, after birthday celebrations were over, a storm rolled in and we all went to different parts of the house to take naps, play games or read....after all, a Sunday afternoon storm is perfect right?

In Florida, you can have sunny skies one moment, and then a tornado watch the next. We noticed that the thunder and lightning was crazy loud, so just as I was looking online to check the weather, this huge bolt of lightning flashed through our house. It sounded like a bullet went off....

The Lord protected all of us, but lightening did strike our well, traveled through wire, made two bullet looking holes in my parents large bathroom mirror, fried our internet modem and ended a freezer. In all our years of living in Florida, this is the first time we have ever been struck by lightening this way, and wow do we have a new respect for lightening! We are sooo thankful that all our other appliances were spared and that we could still have air conditioning and electricity while the pump was being replaced.

Not having water for a few days was an adventure, but friends were so gracious to let us take showers in their homes, wash laundry and even bring us dinner. As one person put it, it was like sophisticated camping. :)

God was so merciful, and there are many blessings that have come from last week.

HE doesn't do things just because.

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