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Play dough was always forbidden growing up...

As an adult, I still don't know how this stuff ended up in the carpet!

Anyway, my parents went out of town last week, and I decided to get in the kitchen with the littles and do something fun. I let them read the recipe, measure everything and mix it up. I ended up doing the stove top part because it did get stiff fast, but we had a lot of fun!

I thought I'd share the recipe for those of you who have littles in your life, and want to do something creative...There really wasn't a lot of ingredients involved, and the children love it!

Play Dough
Fun Ingredients: 

1 C Flour 
1 C Water
1/4 C Salt
1Tablespoon Oil
1 Teaspoon Cream of Tarter
Kool-aid packet of choice (we used Peach Mango, Berry Blue and Cherry Limeade
Sauce Pan and Wooden Spoon


Little helping hands.

Pour all ingredients into favorite mixing bowl. 
Stir until everything is well mixed.
Once the mixture is (mostly) clump free, pour liquidy mixture into sauce pan....heat over MEDIUM heat.
Stir. Don’t stop stirring. After a few minutes it will start to form up. 
Stir, Stir Stir.Just keep stirring until the play dough is formed. 
Remove from heat, and knead by hand. 


This recipe yields about a cup and half of dough. 
I use this recipe for each color I made. 
I understand that it can last up to 6 months....
We stored our in Ziploc bags and everything still looks great a week later!

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