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Pastor Wade and his wife Mrs. Lady Jane, have blessed our church and family so much over the years, and it was a double blessing to not only have them with us on Sunday, but also Dr. and Mrs. Sullivan. The passion for people and ministry that these two couples exemplify is so very convicting to a young person like me. Pastor Dr. Sullivan has a special place in his heart for pastor's children, and I have been so touched by his words and sincere care. I find myself sitting in the corner of our living room, looking over the top of my cup of coffee, listening to the stories they tell, and feel like I could write a best seller..........of course it would have to be anonymous because it would probably get them, and me, in a lot of trouble.  :) I love hearing about their days in the military, seminary and simply living Jesus in the every-day.

Someone once told me the "good ol' days" are over...

but I would have to disagree.

I am presently living my "good ol' days" and to have such wisdom and laughter from older couples such as the Wades and Sullivans, my good ol' days are rich indeed.

Here is an excerpt from Pastor Wade's sermon yesterday...we serve a living and powerful God...

We serve the GOD who made the universe from nothing, cause the earth to hang on nothing, and with whom nothing is impossible .

We serve the GOD who made the lions jaws to lock, and Balaam;s donkey to talk and crippled men to walk.

We serve the GOD who got Paul and Silas out of jail and Jeremiah out at the pit and Israel out of  Egypt.

We serve the GOD who made the walls fall inward at Jericho and the prison doors swing outward for Peter and the sundial to go backward for Hezekiah.

We serve the GOD who made the rain to stop falling for Elijah, the earth to stop turning for Joshua, and the storm to stop it's raging for the disciples.


Why don't you stop trying to convince yourself and your friends that your area is too hard and take the old slingshot of the Roman road out, - kill some giants and get some people saved.

Why Don’t you look your troubles square in the face and say, I may not be able to lick you, but my God can, and I'm depending on His power. I go forth in HIS name and I will run no more.

Pastor Dan Wade-

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