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Sunday, December 20, 2015 / Leave a Comment
::Everyday December 20/31::

Every December we have christmas dessert out together. We try and plan for the coolest night...

We have the best mom, who gives up so much for us, and loves us, prays for us and wants the most for us. It's a beautiful gift and I am grateful.

These night outs, make it hard to believe that 2015 is fading...

2015 in all it's hard all it's joys...

In all broken relationships, and all new and beautiful ones.
In the tears and laughter,
In the seeking and the finding.
In the failing, in the growing,
The praying, and the listening,
The hope and disappointments...
The beginnings, the endings,
The food, the fellowship,
The hard work, the rest,
The giving, the receiving,
The loud, the quiet,
The spoken, the unspoken,
The beautiful, the messy,
The perfect, the not so perfect,
The heart moments, the picture moments,
The travel, the home...

All this...
Every single, "all this",
are gifts of 2015. 

Counting gifts means counting the hard things as gifts too.

God is good. He is present. He is alive, not dead. He is in control. He is faithful. He is working...

I am so grateful.

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