Twenty Eight...

Monday, February 15, 2016 / 2 comments
Luke turned 28 on Saturday...
Even though he doesn't understand a lot, and is young in mind and thoughts, he KNOWS when it's his birthday! :)

For two weeks leading up to his birthday, he would get up in the mornings dressed and ready to go to breakfast with mom and dad....or so he said to us. We had to tell him every morning, it wasn't until the 13th! He would be a little disappointed, but grin and go change.

Well, he finally got to go out with Dad and Mom and loved blowing out the candles in the "lumber jackish" cake Treas made for him.

Happy birthday, Lukie...


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  2. Awww how sweet❤! Our boys look forward to their outings with us too! Love you Luke!


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