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My sisters and I have been working over the last few months with our City to plan our town exhibit at the County Fair.

Our surrounding towns participate together in presenting their town at the Fair for everyone to enjoy. Each town is given a 10x10 space and you have to include like 12 categories and the fair theme to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Our town is huge into agriculture, so that is always a main theme every year.

We organized last year's booth and won first place (which we were super excited about!) but didn't plan on helping this year, but as it worked out, we were able to help this year. It's always nice talking with our towns people, planning projects together and seeing everyone get so excited about the exhibit. Folks, this is BIG in our little town...I had no idea before we were asked to help, but it is. :) This job in not for the faint of heart, and it is taken very seriously in little San Ann. ;0
No pressure for us girls, right?!

This really stretches our creativity with the town budget and theme, but it's always satisfying to watch all the hard work come together for one awesome booth. I think some of the town people doubted our ideas ;), but they were always enthusiastic and curious as to what these five crazy sisters would do.

One of the hiccups to our plan, was the use of our fire station dummy. They thought they could get one from a Tampa station for us to borrow for the week, but that didn't work out. So with just a couple of weeks till the fair, Cilicia and Alexis came up with the idea of making one...ummmm, yeah...make one. After looking on youtube, I for one thought this a BAD IDEA.......but don't get in the way of my sisters making something work. :) They are amazing, and decided to try a packing tape dummy.

They recruited Paul, and they even let me help.

(I did cut his elbow sleeve with the scissors, and almost got fired)

But wow! Look how it came out! We couldn't have been more excited. It was perfect for what we needed and more.

We finished it late at night, and stuck him on the bench in the kitchen, and later, scared Dad when he came to the kitchen for a glass of water. ;0 I wish we had that recorded.....

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