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Tuesday, March 1, 2016 / Leave a Comment
We spent last Friday morning setting up our San Ann exhibit...

It's always a little nerve wracking wondering if you remembered everything and if all your ideas will really work out, but I think the fun and adrenalin somehow erases all of that...:)

Mr. Frank Hill surpassed our simple sketch for a store window...we first planned on plexi glass for the "window", but that would have spent our whole budget. So, instead of that, we prayed our idea of thick clear vinyl from Hobby Lobby would work. High five! It worked beautifully!

Our neighbor let us borrow and paint this deer head, we made the birds with newspaper, Liv sketched the amazing background and we painted the store logo with white paint pens. Many folks from our community gladly gave us their jeans to use and plants and neato antiques for props. Fake flooring wasn't in the budget either, so why not use the neighbors real brick all stacked up outside their house? I think this is where we really got the raised eyebrows and shaking of heads! ;)

All of this was a great group effort, and it was the best thing ever to hear how people enjoyed the exhibit and felt a part of it in some way or another.

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