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I love this story! Look how these guys decided to pray for this lady at Dutch Bros...
There are always hurting people around us...I pray we are as sensitive as these three!
When a distraught woman pulled up to a coffee shop drive-thru window last week, the employees were there to give her much more than just a hot cup of java.
An employee taking orders from cars waiting in line on March 18 at Dutch Bros. Coffee on 138th Avenue in Vancouver, Washington, had spoken to the emotional woman and learned her husband had just died at 37 years old. When the woman pulled up to the window to get her order, employee Pierce Dunn, 19, gave her a free coffee and asked if he could pray for her after hearing about her loss.
Dunn was soon joined by two fellow employees as all three held hands with the woman in prayer. The touching moment was captured by Barbara Danner, a woman on line behind them, who posted it on Facebook.

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