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Sunday, March 20, 2016 / 2 comments
A year ago today, I made my first wedding cake.

My sisters and I love to bake, but when we were asked to make a wedding cake, that was a little scary! But of course, I said I would....and then worried that my Huron confidence had gone a little too far when I faced a table full of un-iced cakes and a bowl of thick white icing. :)

I have to say, I never would have agreed to this if it hadn't have been for Andrew and Jessica reassuring and telling me that whatever I made, they would love. They wanted raspberry and orange marmalade in the layers, so that was fun too. Piping thick icing around the edges did the trick to keep the jam from oozing out in any way.

As I worked on the cake, memories of Little House in the Prairie came back to me when Ma Ingalls made a special wedding cake for Laura and Almonzo.

"That afternoon the finished black cashmere was carefully pressed, and then Ma made a big, white cake. Laura helped her by beating the egg whites on a platter with a fork, until Ma said they were stiff enough.
“My arm is stiffer,” Laura ruefully laughed, rubbing her aching right arm.
“This cake must be just right,” Ma insisted. – These Happy Golden Years, 1943

Don't know...........just a little nostalgia there. :)

Happy anniversary Andrew and Jessica!


  1. Wow, what a great job!! I guess I didn't examine the cake good enough :-) It's been a whole year?? Where does the time go....how are they doing?

  2. I know....a whole year! Crazy. Btw...praying for Felicity and your whole family! I know how it feels when doctors can't figure out what is wrong...:( We are all praying...give her a hug for me!


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