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Friday, November 4, 2016 / Leave a Comment
Sometimes you never know who you will sit by or meet at a church supper.

Two weeks ago, I sat by this lovely lady, Judy Brown. At first it was just chatting over the delicious food and the usual, what is your name, how is your visit so far, and things like that. Then, she asked if any of us liked to sew....

That is when she learned I liked to quilt...
...aaannnd that is when I learned she more than liked to quilt.  :)

Judy started this amazing ministry that honors our US Veterans with quilts of thankfulness for their service to our country. She and five other women have quilted and presented over 1100 beautiful quilts so far. My Mom, and some of my sisters and I got to spend some time at her home and see her huge quilting machine and awesome sewing room.

Because of this new friendship, my grandfather, who is a Vietnam Veteran, became a recipient of an Old Glory quilt. To make it extra special, Judy and I were able to start the quilt together in Indiana and then I packed it to finish here in Florida. My grandfather doesn't know yet, but I just finished the top and it is making it's self through the mail to be quilted by Judy and then presented by Veterans Day.

I think I sat at a pretty neat table that Sunday and made a special new friend!  :)

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